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Repair Any Guitar and Attract Top Paying Clients On Demand

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You'll Learn


The simple service that you can charge $30-$100 to execute. Even when you’re starting out.

What goes into running a successful guitar repair business. Record keeping, advertising (it's easier than you think.)

Your next steps for earning $70-$120/hour as a guitar repair technician. Turn your skills into cash ASAP.

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Find Out What Luthiers Don't Want You To Know!

I analyzed 351 transactions to find out which services customers asked for the most. This way you know exactly what to expect. The results are eye opening.


Student Testimonials

Within 4-12 weeks of starting the course.

Danny Mans

"This course is a very good course not only for beginners, but for musicians that are wanting to work on their own guitars. Eric goes into good detail on how to do each task in the course. All of the advise and suggestions he gives on starting a business are spot on. The main reason I took the course was to work on my own guitars and do some project guitars I've had for years. The information I took from tis course will be a great help in me meeting my goals. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a luthier or just wanting to keep your equipment spot on."

Denny Banahan

"The course is great for getting people the confidence to open up and set up business and marketing tools.  I did all that and Ive had 2 customers."

Gary Smith

"I started Eric‘s course on April 5. I had only been playing guitar for two years and it’s an acoustic guitar at that. I started off with basically zero tools just some I had around the house here and there. The course is fantastic and easy to follow. I borrowed a friends electric guitar and he also happened to have a small amp that he never uses. I started my business as soon as I was comfortable doing a basic set up. That was literally only a couple of weeks into the course. About a month into the course I changed out a couple of old Seymour Duncan pick ups for two brand new ones for a customer that found me on Craigslist. There were several times I got a little overwhelmed and called Eric and he literally gave me almost hands on personal attention. My customer gave me a five star rating on my Google business page. Eric and his course get a five star rating from me and I certainly have told others about this course. Thank you my brother."

Shane Johns

"I am Shane Johns. Through this course I started my business..
"What The Heck Guitar Tech." I strongly recommend Guitar Repair Business Starter to anyone interested in Guitar Repair. Over the years in my music career, I had to tech my own instruments. I have been a tech at a local guitar shop for about a year now. I decided to finally tech for a living on my own. This course has taught me new skills to add to what I have already learned. Eric is to the point and is there to answer any questions you may have. I can't be more pleased with this course. Thank You Eric for taking the time to put this together. You are a great tech and teacher. Keep up the great work!"

Dale McGraw

"Everything was to the point and explained with great detail without bogging down with uninteresting topics. Great job. Pretty excited to see how far I can take this endeavor for a little financial freedom."

Greg Stoner

"Hey Eric
The course is great. It has showed me a lot of things that have helped me. I have had a few customers so far...
I have some presence on the web, I am on Instagram, Google, Facebook and I have a website, [] 
I do see myself doing guitar repair for awhile, would be great if it turns into a full-time gig. I enjoy it very much. 
I just this week got hooked up with Stringjoy to start carrying their strings so that is another option I can now offer.
I look forward to completing the course and I will be going back to watch some of it as I need pointers while doing some jobs still.
Your feedback is always welcome with me.
Thanks for the course."

You Will Discover

How To Attract Top Paying Clients

Learn the secrets to acquiring top paying clients on demand.

What To Say To Land The Business

Say all the right things to land the business and guide the customer through a smooth transaction.

How To Repair Any Guitar

You'll get step by step guides to performing services safely and with excellent results.

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Eric Petrus

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Eric Petrus

Course Creator, Guitar Repair Business Starter

For 20 years, I worked as a professional chef. I was in charge of large operations, I authored hundreds of recipes, and managed upwards of 65 people and it’s fair to say, I got a little burned out.

When the pandemic hit, I was stuck with no job and a 7-year-old in virtual school. I couldn’t go back to the food industry, so I took the opportunity to revisit my love of guitars.

I was a long time enthusiast and I had tools to do a setup. I was new to the guitar repair business, but I was determined to become an expert so I could provide the best service possible for customers. 

I had no money to invest, so I started NoVA Guitar Setups on my living room floor. Within 6 months, I had more 5-star reviews than my closest competitor. 

After a year, I had more 5-star reviews than all my competitors combined. And my clients repeatedly told me I needed to raise my prices. 

I began to enjoy more personal freedom and more control over my life. I took notes the entire time in the hope that if it worked out, I could teach others how to do the same.

Today, I get to spend my day surrounded by guitars. I can find clients in minutes. And I can earn upwards of $500 a day.

Intrigued by how you can start earning $70-$120 per hour. Doing something you love...